The World’s First Biodegradable Urn Lets You Turn Ashes Into a Tree

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It’s official: you can now regrow your loved ones after they pass—into a tree that is. Bios Incube is the world’s first incubator system designed for the afterlife. Yep, you read that sentence right.

Designed in Barcelona, Spain by brothers Roger and Gerard Moliné, who have 15 years of experience working with natural projects, Bios aims to change the way people see death. The Moliné brothers want to promote human connection with nature, which is why Bios creates a transformative process of “returning to life through nature.”

The Bios Incube only works if you have the first Bios product: a 100% biodegradable urn that allows you to bury your loved one, while still respecting the environment. Don’t worry, you are given the option to select the type of seeds used, that way, your loved one comes back as your favorite plant or tree.

The difference between the two products is simple: with the Bios Urn, you can plant it outside and watch it grow in your backyard. If you want your loved one closer (and would normally place the urn on a mantle), you’d opt for the Bios Incube to grow the tree indoors.

Here’s where it gets really cool for the tech-savvy: once you’re set up, you connect your Bios Incube with the company’s mobile app. This is how you track and monitor the tree’s growth and can make sure it has enough water. If you’re going on vacation and are worried about leaving your tree unattended, there’s no need to worry. The Bios Incube can even connect to your home network so you can track it and maintain its growth even when you’re not around.

Though it might seem odd to some, for the environmentally friendly, or those enamored with the latest technology, this could be the best way to face an inevitable part of human life.

The company launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to make Bios Incube a reality—and you’ll be able to purchase the products this fall.

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