Watch Saint Motel's Quaint Video for "You Can Be You," Another 360-Degree VR Experience

Music Video Saint Motel
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Saint Motel has yet again gone all out with a 360-degree, virtual reality video, this time for “You Can Be You,” the second single from their forthcoming album saintmotelevision.

The animated lyric video, best viewed in 360-supported browsers like Chrome and Firefox, or using a VR headset, features Saint Motel performing on a projector screen, singing trees and even the Man in the Moon taking a late-night swim.

The video for “You Can Be You” follows Saint Motel’s August VR music video, “Move,” the lead single from their forthcoming album.

saintmotelevision, for which you can find the tracklist below, is due out Oct. 21 via Elektra.

saintmotelevision Tracklist:
1. Move
2. Getaway
3. Destroyer
4. Born Again
5. Sweet Talk
6. You Can Be You
7. For Elise
8. Local Long Distance Relationship (LA2NY)
9. Slow Motion
10. Happy Accidents

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