Style Guide: The Looks That Made Big Little Lies

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Style Guide: The Looks That Made <i>Big Little Lies</i>

This story was originally published on April 27, 2017. As we prepare for Season 2 of Big Little Lies (hello, Meryl Streep!), let’s take a gander at the most iconic looks of Season 1 from the Monterey 5. The new season premieres on HBO on June 9.

The women of HBO’s instant hit Big Little Lies burst onto home screens with a neo-noir vibe and dreamy California jewel tones. With a knack for quick wit and snappy retorts, pulling together a seamless day-into-night style with a pair of spare yoga pants in the trunk, these stay-at-home moms and Monterey corporate power players never appear to have a hair out of place. But as with most perfection, there is a lot more below the surface than meets the eye. The show’s climax includes an Audrey Hepburn and Elvis Presley themed trivia night, and the eclectic cast and all of its players, from the children to the adults, are dressed to kill.

Scroll through our style guide for the 411 on the varied looks of this Monterey microsphere.

1. Red Alert


First day of school outfits mean everything—even for the moms. So while Madeline Martha Mackenzie is trying her best to hobble through the opening day’s events, her perfectly cinched, oxblood trench keeps her look prim and proper, especially as she makes acquaintances with Jane “no middle name” Chapman. It is possible, without the ruby red trench, no one would have died at trivia night.

prettyitems1.pngBelle Trench Coat via Superdry, $129.50

2. Grey Cable Knit Skies


A mysterious outsider, Jane Chapman’s overall style vibe is a classic balance of comfort and ease. Black skinny jeans, oversized menswear coats and the quintessential grey cable knit sweater solidify Jane as a woman who may or may not fit in with the over and under of the town. But converse sneakers aside, her minimal look hints at a woman hoping to blend into the background.

prettyitems2.pngDKNY Chunky Knit Merino Wool Poolover via Stylebop, $214

3. Strength in Size


Renata Klein is the utmost example of a force, and one to most certainly be reckoned with. A strong mother with a booming professional career, Renata’s clothing choices are bold, effusive and walk the tricky line between professional and casual to a “t”. Not one for pantsuits, her update on a blazer and slacks is to cinch the waist with a thick, statement belt. With a tough exterior and structured clothing to match, Renata’s strength does not get lost beneath her wardrobe.

prettyitems3.jpg3.1 Phillip Lim Leather Wide Belt via The Real Real, $125

4. Leather & Lace


With her perfectly tousled mane, heavy mascara, just torn tights and leather moto jacket, Abigail Carlson is a motivated teen with style to spare. Her rough and tumble, bedhead vibe is hip and a stark contrast to her mother’s preppy attire. Though Abigail pushes the boundaries—for a good cause at least—her look is on point with current trends and ‘90s throwbacks.

prettyitems4.pngCropped Washed Leather Jacket via ASOS, $181

5. Hard & Soft


Celeste Wright’s character seemingly appears to have it all: the perfect husband, the perfect children. Her home sits on the edge of the ocean, and she is often found staring out across the sea in impeccable clothing. Neutral with beige and light pinks as her main color palate, Celeste is ethereal personified. Even when she dons a power suit for a possible pre-court discussion, Celeste brings a vulnerable softness to the tough look with the addition of a silky front bow.

prettyitems5.pngWomen’s Long Sleeve Piped Bow Blouse via Target, $27.99

6. Sticks & Stones


The epitome of a California bohemian, Bonnie Carlson’s overall vibe exudes sexy Earth Mother with just a hint of edge. She layers on the rocks, drapes herself in loose-fitting athleisurewear looks and walks through the world at a peaceful saunter. Jade and turquoise adornments truly pop beside the rich red dress and while Bonnie is the softer side of the show, much like the rest of the cast there is more than meets the eye with this centered yogi.

prettyitems6.jpgMongolian Turquoise Necklace via Humble Chic, $38

7. Private Eye


As Celeste uncovers her own demons, she maintains an outward cool even when her life is about to burst at the seams. High-end fabrics and neat tailoring help Celeste keep up appearances but when she sneaks off to check on a possible sanctuary, her neutral-hued trench is the perfect cover-up and homage to classic noir fashion.

prettyitems7.jpgPale Peach Trench Coat via Lulus, $68

8. Devil in a Blue Dress


Clearly Jane Chapman is on the run. She has lopped her hair, has a wildcard personality and yet is more honest about her struggles than most. The flashback scenes show such a drastic contrast to the current Jane—glitz and glamour in a cobalt blue dress. While there is more than meets the eye to her past, it is safe to say this deep, rich tone is her color.

prettyitems8.pngMelissa Dress via Fame and Partners, $289

9. Lip Service


Known for her gift of gab, Madeline’s quick wit often lands her into trouble. Whether stirring the pot between friends or going to bat for the first amendment, Madeline knows a thing or two about how to get her point across. With the help of a bold hued lip, typically matched to her outfit, Madeline’s lipstick is the definitive punctuation to her seemingly innocent requests.

prettyitems9.pngAudacious Color-Intense Lipstick via Gucci, $39

10. Like Mother, Like Daughter


A chip off the old block, Chloe is much like her mother. The perfect balance between charm and ferocity, this six year old has a knack for meddling, a penchant for killer playlists and calling her mother “woman” even when she is on Madeline’s side. She is a California girl through and through so a breezy peasant top is no less natural than sparkly tights and a new iPhone 7.

prettyitems10.pngLangley Blouse via Anthropologie, $88