Daytrotter Session - Feb 11, 2013

Broncho – Daytrotter Session – Feb 11, 2013
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Daytrotter Set

The people in Broncho songs romp and tussle, but in limited settings, with a predisposed spirit and mobility. They might not be spontaneous. They might barely be present, but you should know where to find them. They flop and they flip the bird. These characters in the Oklahoma band’s songs are malleable, but barely. They’re hard to persuade, though they can be turned on occasionally. They are more apt to sit around, in their socks, without shoes, snacking all day long, fucking with their phones and listening to old records. It’s actually a small piece of the American dream, when you say it like that. It’s like they’re on a vacation, or a hiatus of undetermined length. They’re mostly unmotivated. They cannot be forced into anything. They’re going to have a tough time mustering up the energy to lace those sneakers up and put a coat on. They’ll never find their keys. They’ll find the task to be uninspired and a bit too daunting to really even try for it. The pros are never going to out-weigh the cons. There must be something easier to do with their time. They’d love it if opportunities just came to them, and maybe brought a case of beer or two so no one would have to make a run later on in the evening. Lead singer Ryan Lindsey, guitarist Ben King, drummer Nathan Price and bassist Johnathon Ford have crafted their songs around these lazy days and nights, where nothing’s going to catch them off guard and nothing’s going to blow any fuses. There could be some hijinks, but no one’s going to get hurt. The four songs that they played here are almost reluctant anti-social anthems, where being anti-social isn’t necessarily the goal or the desire, but it’s just too hard getting around the general, personal consensus that everything would be more anticlimactic if they were to exert the effort and leave the house. They might be seeking companionship, but they’re not going to meet up halfway. There will be no negotiating the terms of the relationship. The other person is going to have to carry most of the weight. Lindsey sings, “Why don’t you hit me up some time?” leaving the possibility of anything ever happening completely up in the air. It’s a good way to not be let down. The expectations are so damned low. If they don’t get hit up, they’ve got their snacks, their instruments and the turntable to keep them company.

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