Joy Williams Announces New Album; Listen to First Single “Woman (Oh Mama)”

Music Video Joy Williams
Joy Williams Announces New Album; Listen to First Single “Woman (Oh Mama)”

It was a sad day when Joy Williams and collaborator John Paul White announced the end of the folk/Americana band The Civil Wars. With only two albums to their name, the duo left a big influence on the world of alternative country with their gorgeous harmonies and overall chemistry. Now Williams is preparing to release her first solo album since the breakup and has dropped the first single “Woman (Oh Mama).”

The song will be featured on her new album titled Venus, which is set to be released midsummer on Sensibility Music/Columbia Records. A winner of four Grammy Awards for her work with The Civil Wars, this is not Williams first time flying solo. She previously received acclaim for her self-titled debut. Altogether, Williams has released four solo albums and four EPs since she first came onto the scene in 2001.

Commenting on the new single, Williams says she was given a chance to rediscover herself as an artist and a woman. “The entire song is what it’s like to experience the beauty, the spark and strength of what it is to be inside your skin. It’s a song with energy and fire. I wanted to own the complexity and the three-dimensional aspect of what it is to be a woman. ‘I am a universe wrapped in skin’—That’s one of my favorite lines from the new album. I’m excited about being a woman. I’m excited to be where I am now, who I am now.”

More news on Venus will be announced soon. Until then, you can listen to “Woman (Oh Mama)” in the video above.

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