The Joy Formidable

Daytrotter Session - Dec 12, 2013

The Joy Formidable – Daytrotter Session – Dec 12, 2013
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Little Blimp
  3. Whirring

The way that Ritzy Bryan and The Joy Formidable quite often make us feel is somewhere along the lines of one of those bitterly cold days masked as something pleasurable. It’s one of those days that is best enjoyed within the cozy confines of a house with a furnace, plenty of warm blankets and some warm skin to press against when that’s called for. There’s safety there, but there’s a strange allure to a world outside that’s free and wild. It’s covered in snow, the sidewalks slicker than snot with ice and melt, but there’s a dastardly bright sun piping out the phony, comfortable vibes that we can’t help but find ourselves drawn to. The trio, which began years ago in North Wales and is now posted in London, creates a feeling of that delicate balance between a love of light and a strange need for darkness.

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