Workaholics Review: “Timechair”

(Episode 4.10)

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<i>Workaholics</i> Review: &#8220;Timechair&#8221;

This season has seen Adam, Blake and Anders unified in most of their endeavors, whether it’s trying to defeat an eternal frat bro or steal beer to get a shot with college girls. Even when they do argue, it’s usually two against one; rarely do all three face off against each other. But when a free massage chair is on the line, friends become enemies and anything goes in “Timechair.”

It’s sort of weird that an upcoming episode is going to be titled “Rat Race,” when this feels like Workaholics’ homage to Rat Race, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and other similar race-to-a-prize films. A flier on the office’s bulletin board advertises a free massage chair to whomever can pick it up first. As they head out the door for their lunch break race, they immediately turn on each other, with Blake snatching Ders’ car keys and immediately popping the tires. The three then steal some go-karts from the neighboring office’s employee appreciation day and the race is on.

The chase leads the trio to steal RipStik’s, pay ice cream bikes to drive them and get a strange pizza delivery woman to deliver a raw pizza just to use the car. The chase is great, but it’s a bit disappointing it doesn’t get a little crazier than it does. I mean, this is a show that served a skunk burrito last week. But hey, at least it’s not close to as disgusting as past episodes this season.

When they get to the house, the chair is already gone, so they decide to work together because chairing is caring to try to get the chair back from the guy who just picked it up. They fake a hit-and-run accident, lift the chair out of the truck, only to have it hit by another truck and destroyed. Upon their return to the office, Alice has decided to take the guys’ advice and have their own employee appreciation. In fact, she’s decided to get a massage chair for the office. The chair that they just destroyed.

Once again, what makes “Timechair” work is the childlike behavior and lack of focus on one idea for too long. Only a few moments after hearing Alice’s news, they’re already onto their next plan, which is a fake ad for “Erect Chins,” which Bill has called, much to his horror. This may even be the best closer to an episode, as you can see the horror in Bill’s eyes as the final seconds play out. It’s hilarious because of just how terrifying it is.

And it’s a nice final touch on one of this season’s best episodes of Workaholics.

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