The Walking Dead Pop-Up Book is a Terrifying Thing of Beauty

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The last piece of companion media any of us thought AMC’s hit The Walking Dead would receive was a fully-illustrated pop-up book. But here we are, with that very thing in a well-constructed, but totally age inappropriate display of nightmarish beauty.

Created by Becca Zerkin, David Hawcock, Sally Elizabeth Jackson and Stephani Danelle Perry, this hardcover book, which was first announced last summer has been officially titled The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book. Based on the wildly popular TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comic, this soon-to-be illustrated classic only features five individual page spreads, but its detailed renditions of the show’s major plot developments make it worth its $40 price tag.

Readers are taken on a page-leaping journey from Rick’s frightening experience waking up in the Atlanta hospital in season one, through the farm and the prison, and ultimately to Terminus in an eye-popping and stomach turning read. You can check out the pop-up’s complete and beautiful bloody guts in the video below.