Watch Colbert Interview Hillary Clinton at Carnegie Deli

Comedy Video Hillary Clinton
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Stephen Colbert interviewed Hillary Clinton over lunch at the Carnegie Deli on his show last night, and if you were hoping for the kind of biting interview he would’ve done on The Colbert Report, you’ll probably be disappointed. At least Colbert dismisses Hillary’s assertion that the Republicans in Congress will be willing to work with her if she’s elected president, although you might miss his weak rejoinder because the audience is still loudly reacting to something Clinton had just said. And he does ask her to explain how she’s different from Trump, which is the kind of question that might look tough but actually lets Clinton tee up her defense against concerns over her wealth and connections to Wall Street. At least it’s funny when Colbert talks about Bill Clinton’s veganism and shows Hillary how to eat a cheesecake. Check out the video above and, if you’re registered in New York, remember to vote in the primary today.

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