John Oliver Dissects One of the Wildest Weeks in Trump’s Presidency So Far on Latest Last Week Tonight

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John Oliver Dissects One of the Wildest Weeks in Trump’s Presidency So Far on Latest Last Week Tonight

For once on his popular HBO show Last Week Tonight, John Oliver actually looks back on the previous week and answers the four most important questions we all have about the Trump administration and its many, many scandals, bundling it all up in the moniker “Stupid Watergate.”

Oliver begins by giving a day by day update on last week—covering everything from Trump’s revelation of highly classified info to Russian officers to Comey’s memo detailing every time Trump asked him to shut down the FBI investigation into Michael Flynn. And that only covers Monday to Tuesday.

In case you can’t remember every insane event of last week, on Wednesday Robert Mueller was appointed as the special prosecutor of the investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia, and Thursday gave us a interview with one of Comey’s associates who claimed Comey went to hilariously great lengths to avoid Trump at his post-inaugural meeting.

As usual, Oliver makes this living nightmare a little more bearable by joking about Comey trying to hide from Trump in the Oval Office drapes and the ridiculous facial expressions of the man three heartbeats away from the Presidency (it’s Orrin Hatch, President pro tempore of the Senate).

Oliver’s assessment of Fox News hosts refusing to believe any of this is a big deal covers the worst of the worst political commentators from the network, which has its own “unimportant” sexual harassment scandals every few weeks.

And while in the past week we’ve all been arguing whether impeaching Trump, and having any one of his possible successors, would return us to a more normalized state of affairs, Oliver reminds us that impeachment is not likely.

The host makes a good point that if refusing to rebuke the support of Klan leader David Duke and admitting to sexual harassment did not stop Trump from taking office, why would anything he does now remove him from that position?

Olive finishes on his fourth point—that this is real life—and that we are all in for an “agonizingly long period of leaks, allegations and recriminations.”

Hopefully we will have a brief respite from the swamp of corruption while Trump is overseas on a nine-day trip to foreign nations and can instead enjoy jokes with fewer political ramifications, like Trump handling this glowing orb.

You can watch Oliver’s rundown on the previous week above and read our own attempt to make sense of last week’s bombshells here.

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