Watch the Trailer for Kyle Kinane’s New Comedy Special Shocks & Struts

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Watch the Trailer for Kyle Kinane’s New Comedy Special Shocks & Struts

If there’s ever been a man who looks like he’d embrace van life, it’s Kyle Kinane. The free-wheeling comedian is living up to his endearingly rough-and-the-edges persona, having bought a van so he could tour his comedy around the US. The result is Shocks & Struts, his new stand-up special that’s available now for $10 via 800 Pound Gorilla, or for free on YouTube on March 30.

This is Kinane’s first proper stand-up special since appearing on Netflix’s The Standups in 2018. Five years has been too long to be deprived of Kinane, and thankfully early on into the pandemic, he released his hilarious album Trampoline in a Ditch. The LP was a much-needed nearly two hours of laughs.

Shocks & Struts promises the same off-the-wall use of language and absurd storytelling that Kinane is known for. He’s a thoroughly silly comedian (this St. Patrick’s Day he indulged in his usual litany of Dropkick Murphys tweets, a long-running bit of his), but there’s a tenderness beneath his crass jokes and gravelly voice. This special sees Kinane discuss cruise ship hot tubs, hot buffets, airplane cockpits, and many more of his oddball observations.

Watch the trailer for Shocks & Struts, in which Kinane takes aim at anti-vaxxers, below. And, if you can’t wait for March 30, you can watch the special now here.

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