9 TV Shows We’d Love to See Reimagined in WandaVision

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9 TV Shows We’d Love to See Reimagined in WandaVision

WandaVision has brought a new meaning to the phrase TGIF, gifting hungry audiences a weekly new witchy sitcom world to welcome in the weekend. At this point, it’s hard to imagine Fridays without WandaVision: when there’s no new Marvel-fied TV tropes to pore through from the Disney+ series, what will we do? Well, perhaps watch the classic shows it references. Or, perhaps better, daydream about a world where Wanda wraps more TV series into her tangly red web, one where we just get to keep watching.

There’s already been an parade of great sitcoms employed by WandaVision, from Bewitched and The Brady Bunch to The Office and Malcolm in the Middle. Canned laughter abounds, and there’s been no shortage of technicolored TV references. It might be more difficult to find a sitcom Wanda hasn’t tapped rather than list all of the ones she has.

While it’s unclear what comes next in the series (Are we going to get a 2010s or 2020s episode? Or has that spin reached an end?), there are still a few shows that could be fun with a Wanda-twist. Below are not predictions, nor missed opportunities—just a few silly ideas for a season in another multiverse. Here are nine of the best series to reimagine with a WandaVision warp.


1. Seinfeld

There isn’t really a family aspect of Seinfeld, per se—but Agnes would make a fantastic Kramer, booming through the front door at any given point. Wanda could give Jerry Seinfeld-Esque stand-up to open and wrap the episode, doling out her opinion (as she’s wont to do) and questioning her morals.

2. The Simpsons

If there’s some potential in the realm of animated sitcoms (even puppetry: consider The Muppet Show), The Simpsons is the best bet. Pairing The Simpsons’s eerie ability to predict the future with Wanda and Vision’s powers would be a force to be reckoned with—that’s too much power in one household! Plus, an animated version of the show would be killer. We already got that delightful animated intro.

3. The Nanny

Clearly, this has to be an episode for Kathryn Hahn, the honorary nanny of WandaVision. Agnes teaches the boys about her no-nonsense life. Just swap “Queens girl” for “nosey neighbor,” and the morals that come along with them, and you’ve got Agnes’s version of The Nanny.

4. 3rd Rock from the Sun

Perhaps a little too on-the-nose, but some 3rd Rock From the Sun banter never hurt anyone. Wanda and the other mutants could spend the episode analyzing human culture, trying to fit in with the norms of society, but end up flopping, hilariously, along the way. Maybe there’s a body swap like in 3rd Rock, and Wanda ends up in the body of a child.

5. Freaks and Geeks

Isn’t this what WandaVision is now, essentially? Freaky mutants versus SWORD nerds? Although Freaks and Geeks only ran for one season, Wanda could (rightfully) pick it up for a second. While the mutants wear grunge outfits and break the rules, the folks over at SWORD tease each other and geek out over WandaVision.

6. Arrested Development

Narrator voice: “It wasn’t, in fact, just a case of the Mondays.” Yes, a snarky Arrested Development-style narrator could add some great wit to WandaVision. This family may be a little young for Arrested Development shenanigans, but Pietro could tap into some of his fantastic GOB-like qualities. A magician—er, illusionist in training, if you will.

7. How I Met Your Mother

More like, How I Met Your Father. Perhaps Wanda could plant the boys on the couch and explain, through many intense flashbacks, how their family came to be in this twisted sitcom world. As she does this, Wanda’s circle of friends (Agnes, Monica, Pietro, and Dottie, probably) help her on a journey to overcome grief and move forward.

8. Two Broke Girls

When the hex absorbed Darcy Lewis—played, notably, by Kat Dennings—I fully expected a restaurant industry twist in Wanda’s world where we’d see Darcy behind the counter at a dingy diner with Monica, plotting techniques to take Wanda down (or perhaps a cupcake shop, too).

9. Stranger Things

A mother on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Wild kids? Supernatural beings? That ever-present neon red aura? Stranger Things and WandaVision already have a lot in common, Wanda just needs to conjure a couple of bikes for her sons. In this crossover, the rag-tag kids explore the anomalies of the Hex. Maybe Wanda strings Christmas lights to communicate with the outside world, or Vision, wherever he is ….

New episodes of WandaVision premiere Fridays on Disney+.

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