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Talking Style with DJ Duo Eli & Fur

DJ duo Eli & Fur first broke into the scene with “You’re So High,” filled with driving bass lines and sultry vocals. Since then, they have brought their dynamic sound across the globe. They brought a Go-Pro along for their 2015 US tour, culminating in a self-made video for “California Love,” and the duo’s unique take on dance music keeps them travelling: the girls just finished played both Ultra and Coachella.

Eli & Fur sat down with Paste to talk about about style—from their early days in Timberland heels to their current summer uniform.


Paste: When did you first start caring about style?

Eli: I actually didn’t until someone older than me took me shopping when I was about 14, it was like one of those teen movie makeovers. I left school wearing a horse jumper and came back in new flares and a skater hoody. It actually annoys me thinking back, I wish I hadn’t started caring as it all seems so irrelevant now, I would have like to have stayed just how as I was but school is tough like that.

Fur: When I was 11 I moved schools and it was all very different, I didn’t feel pressure to change or anything, I was actually just really interested in fashion and what looked good.

Paste: Did anyone in your family influence your taste in clothes?

Eli: My mum dressed me till I was about 13, I didn’t really get with the trends till quite late, I just had no idea what was cool or not. I used to rock up to things in this weird green pleated skirt, probably quite stylish now, not so much then.

Fur: No, it was really just my friends and music and TV that inspired me.

Paste: Do you dress for yourself or for others?

Eli: Both, it’s nice to feel confident in yourself by the way you dress but also nice for other people to appreciate your style.

Fur: Comfort comes first for me!

Paste: How does the way you dress in day to day live differ from how you dress on stage?

Eli: Pretty much the same, however when we are just chilling out at home or in hotels we will wear the strangest combinations. Fur has these fake snake skin shoes she wears around the studio which are truly hideous and make this clip clopping sound but she loves them so all good, just not near the club!

Paste: What is the relationship between music and fashion?

Eli: They are just both ways to express yourself. Both are forms of art that you put out there to the world, a way of communicating how you feel and what you like without having to actually dissect things for people, which is really liberating for the both of us.

Paste: What’s the worst style trend that you ever embraced?

Eli: I remember buying these boxing boots that were supposed to be super cool but I kept getting comments about when my next match was, etc. so I stopped wearing them. I still have them, though, just in case they come back into fashion or I decide to take up boxing.

Fur: Timberland style stiletto heels. JLo was wearing them at the time.

Paste: What’s your go to summer outfit?

Eli: Jean shorts, usually a black t-shirt and black trainers.

Fur: Black shorts, black t-shirt and trainers.

Paste: What movie, TV show, music video, etc. had the best style?

Eli: I never got any inspiration from that sort of thing as I was a bit of a tom boy, most of the music I listened to was bands. I loved angry music, went through a bit of an emo stage then blues/jazz, it was all a little confusing style wise.

Fur: Anything 90s, that was really the best, and its come back in! I made the Britney Spears chords from her “Overprotective” video on a sewing machine.

Paste: How did the kids dress in high school when you were growing up?

Eli: Big flares and choker necklaces were in. Big platform boots and trainers. Hair crimping was in for a bit. Also those trainers called Acupuncture’s which were super weird.

Paste: Why do you think fashion is important on a larger cultural level (if you do)? Ok

Eli It’s a way of expressing yourself which is important, not everyone has to be interested in fashion, there are tons of other ways to express yourself but when it comes different cultures around the world, that takes things to another level. It reflects religion, conflict, celebration, for all these reasons it is important.

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