Dril Is Making a Game

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Dril Is Making a Game

The internet’s favorite weirdo, dril, announced they’re making a game today. I don’t know if I’m more or less surprised by this or the book from a few years ago.

According to them, it’s a game for “true and brave gamers only.” The game, a “2D action/adventure game” apparently called copgame, has been in development through the pandemic due to dril’s unemployment(dril works???) and they’re looking to release it “sometime before the mid-2020’s.”

Accordingly(or not, nothing makes sense with dril) the game will consist of “a strong emphasis on employing satisfying, responsive aerobatics to traverse a dozen or so worlds and find a shit load of treasures and secrets.” Their words, not mine.

The game supposedly “follows the quest of a silent protagonist who stumbles upon the gift of immortality in a dangerous future where Top Influencers and corrupt hollywood guys maintain a cruel grip on society.” While I’ve no idea what most of those words have to do with one another, I strangely feel like I like the message.

So far dril has done all the artwork and programming themselves, but expressed a willingness to hire “assistance” if they raise enough “DOUGH.” I’m really just letting dril do all the speaking for this one.

Here’s a first look at how the game plays. It doesn’t look bad, despite their Patreon asking for $5000 a month, at which point dril “will make the game good.” I won’t lie, whatever music is playing in this trailer (I guess this is that?) is stuck in my head. Goddamn you, dril.

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