Nintendo’s Black Friday Cyber Sale Includes a Lot of Zeldas, Marios, Indie Games, More

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Chances are, you won’t be able to get your hands on an NES Classic Edition before the holidays, but if you’re still hankering for some Nintendo fun, they’ve got you covered. If you have a 3DS or Wii U, Nintendo is currently running a Black Friday cyber sale on 3DS and Wii U games via the Nintendo eShop.

The original Legend of Zelda is going for $3 and Link’s Awakening is at $3.59. One of the greatest 3D platformers of all time, Super Mario Galaxy 2, is half-off at $10, along with the 600 Lego games that are out there. The sale also puts an emphasis on indie games like Jotun for $10, Terraria for $15 and Steamworld Heist for $11.99.

Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said in a statement, “As people go on the hunt for great deals this weekend, we want them to remember all the high-quality games they can download without ever leaving home. From Triple-A titles to indie games, Nintendo eShop has something for everyone.”

Peruse the full list of titles on sale here.

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