Sony Reportedly Unveiling Upgraded PS4 "Neo" at September Event

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Sony is going to unveil the PS4 “Neo,” an incremental hardware upgrade akin to Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, at an event on Sept. 7, Vice Gaming reports (via the French site Gameblog). This news comes from both outlets’ anonymous sources, as the individuals were not authorized to speak on the matter.

The Neo is reported to have a significantly upgraded CPU, GPU and RAM, according to Giant Bomb’s sources. Sony confirmed they were working on a new PS4 model just before this year’s E3, but that every game would still be playable on the original PS4.

The Sept. 7 event is labelled a “technical showcase.” If the Neo is unveiled, it’s a curious choice from the folks at Sony, who are releasing another piece of hardware, their PS VR headset, the very next month, on Oct. 13. Pushing two pieces of different hardware, even if the release dates are a bit apart, could lessen the impact of each. We’re also not looking forward to the prospect of being pressured to buy expensive consoles any more often than we already are.