Sea of Thieves‘ First Expansion, The Hungering Deep, Detailed

Yo ho ho and a bloodthirsty megalodon

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Sea of Thieves‘ First Expansion, The Hungering Deep, Detailed

“Seaward, ho! Hang the treasure! It’s the glory of the sea that has turned my head.” The squire’s words, from Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, have never ringed so true. Treasure, the thought of it and, even more so, the act of acquiring it has become the sole thrill for many players in Sea of Thieves. Yet, since the game’s launch, the majority of Sea of Thieves fans have been clamoring for more content—specifically in the end-game. Now, Rare finally has an answer to give its frothing fans by way of a new content expansion, The Hungering Deep. It is the first large, free expansion that Rare has planned, and it includes permanent new game features and a limited-time campaign.

The main appeal is the limited-time campaign, where players are tasked with following riddles and rumors as to what happened to “Merry” Merrick. He boasts a set of peg legs and his bard-inspired tales of horrors lurking in the deep urge players to fight Merrick’s foe that lurks in the deepest reaches of the sea. Best the unknown foe and Merrick will reward your crew with exclusive, campaign-inspired rewards.

As far as new, permanent features go, there is a surprising amount of interesting content and mechanics being added into Sea of Thieves, from new cosmetic items to a new threat that lurks in the ocean and can be encountered more than once. Drums are being added to give the already-interesting sea shanties a more percussive feel and speaking trumpets are also being implemented in the new expansion—they act as megaphones so that one can easier give orders or taunt other players’ vessels. Ship flags, also new, will act as a more immersive way to communicate with other players’ ships; make friends or antagonize your foes. Is your player too plain-looking? Fear not, the vanity chest has been expanded by way of new tattoo and scar options. Mangle and ink your player’s skin to tell a story all its own.

The Hungering Deep releases on May 29 and is free to all who own Sea of Thieves. Check out the story trailer for The Hungering Deep below and keep in mind that this may be a journey that you don’t want to swashbuckler alone on.

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