Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy XV PC Version and Royal Edition Release Date

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Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy XV PC Version and Royal Edition Release Date

Square Enix has announced a Mar. 6 release for Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition and Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition.

Royal Edition will be released for Xbox One and PS4, while Windows Edition will be available for STEAM, Origin and Windows 10. Both editions feature the base game with over 20 game add-ons/DLC (weapons, Regalia car skins and item sets) and trophies.

The biggest pull for both editions are the new features:

– Expanded map of Insomnia with more sides quests and enemies along the ability to battle the Rulers of Yore
– Addition of the Royal Vessel boat allows players to explore the area between Cape Caem and Altissa while being able to discover and catch new fish and prepare new dishes
– Collecting all the royal arms to acquire a new accessory to activate the new action “Armiger Unleashed”
– Being able to experience the game through protagonist Noctis with the new first-person camera mode
– An archive that allows players to learn more about the Final Fantasy XV world through local myths and legends
– An all season pass allows players to access expansions – Episodes Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis along with multiplayer expansion Comrades

Both Royal Edition and Windows Edition will cost $49.99, with Windows Edition preorders including specific bonuses for the Windows Store, STEAM and Origin. The Royal Edition content will also be available through the Xbox Store and PlayStation Store on Mar. 6 as the Final Fantasy XV Royal Pack for $19.99.

From the sound of things, Final Fantasy fans will be getting everything they want and more. See the trailer for Royal Edition and images from both editions below.











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