Every Safe Code and Combination from The Last of Us Part II

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Every Safe Code and Combination from The Last of Us Part II

Unless you’re an expert safe cracker, you’ll be tracking down safe codes all throughout The Last of Us Part II. Even before society collapsed you still needed a safe place to keep your stuff, and so you’ll find several different safes during your travels. They’re usually full of useful gear, from ammo to crafting tools to important notes that help build out the game’s story.

Of course, you’ll need those codes to open them. Tracking down safe codes isn’t especially difficult—there’s usually a simple puzzle to solve in whatever room the safe is in. For instance, you might find a note on a desk near a safe that says the code is the same number that can be found on a nearby photograph or somewhere else in the room. As easy as most of these puzzles are to crack, they can still be a little tricky, and it’s always faster to just look this stuff up on the phone, anyway. Hopefully your search brought you to our humble page. Thank you!

These safe codes follow the pattern of a traditional padlock, with three digits that have to be submitted in the right order. Fortunately Naughty Dog, notorious for their stabs at realism and immersion, simplified this a bit; you don’t have to manually turn that lock back and forth, you just have to enter the numbers into a prompt and watch Ellie do the rest. And here are those numbers, for every safe in the game. Have at it.

Chapter 1: Jackson

Grocery Store

There’s an office in the back of the grocery store with a safe in it. There’s also a row of “employee of the month” photos on the wall. If you look closely you’ll notice one of the photos is a dog. You’ll find the clue that gives it away at a desk, with a note saying the safe code is when the dog was named employee of the month: 07-20-13.

Grocery Store Safe Code: 07-20-13

Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1


Inside the courthouse there’s a locked room near the elevator to the garage. You can’t get in through the door but Ellie is resourceful: just smash that window and hop on through. There’s a clue to check the white board for the code, and that’s where you’ll find it.

Courthouse Safe Code: 86-07-22

Bank Vault

It would be a little weird if a bank didn’t have a safe to crack. This one’s actually a vault, which, really, is just a safe you can hang out in. In the bank you’ll learn about a heist that went wrong at the height of the cordyceps outbreak. The notes about the heist include the code for the vault. Type that in and live out all your bankrobber dreams.

Bank Vault Code: 60-23-06

Thrift Store

I don’t know what happened to Staci, but hopefully she’s safe and sound somewhere in post-apocalypse Seattle; the least I can do for somebody who unwittingly helped me so much is wish her good fortune. There’s a safe in the back room of a thrift shop next to a clue that says the code can be found in Staci’s number. When you find this clue you’ll most likely have no idea who Staci is. There’s a nearby bathroom that, in the deplorable tradition of seedy truck stops throughout the nation, has a phone number written on the wall if you’re looking for a “good time.” Yep, this is Staci. Take that number, enter it in the safe, and, while Ellie won’t exactly be having a good time by anybody’s definition, she’ll at least pick up a few useful items.

Thrift Store Safe Code: 55-01-33

Locker Room

This one’s slightly different. You’re not looking for a safe code, but the combination to a door in a room deep inside the tunnels. It’s one of those five-button locks, one through five, and you have to enter the five-digit code in the right order to get in. This is also called the soft drink code, or soft drink puzzle, because a clue tells you to look to a can for the code. All you have to do is hit up the vending machine for a Coke, take a close look at the can, and then enter those numbers into the door lock. You’ll only have the first three numbers to go on, but that’s fine—there’s no penalty for guessing wrong, and with only two numbers left it’ll take you no time to figure it out.

Locker Room Code: 15243

Chapter 3: Seattle Day 1

Auto Repair Shop

Just getting to this one is a little puzzle in itself. There’s a building behind the tattoo parlor that has a dumpster blocking its door. That door’s the only way in, so scoot that garbage can out of the way. Once you deal with the little surprise that awaits you, you can pop these numbers into the safe and you’re good to go. You can find the code in a note at the nearby bar, too.

Auto Repair Shop Safe Code: 30-82-65


There’s a safe in the bedroom in the apartment. Again, it’s slightly tricky to get to it—you’ll have to climb on top of a truck and break the room’s window, or use the laundry room to get into the room with the safe. Once you’re in, the code is the same date as an upcoming anniversary. An evacuation letter that you can find nearby mentions a 30th anniversary, and if you look at the calendar near the bed, you’ll see that that date falls on Oct. 10, 2013. Do the math and you’ll have the code: 10-08-83.

Apartment Safe Code: 10-08-83

Weston’s Pharmacy

At one point during this chapter you’ll find yourself going for a swim. Once you’re in the drink you’ll be able to climb up a ledge, above which you’ll find Weston’s Pharmacy. Inside the store, at the counter, you’ll find a note that includes the safe code. There’s a hole in a nearby wall that leads to a back office; crawl through that, enter the code into the safe, and stock up.

Weston’s Pharmacy Safe Code: 38-55-23

Chapter 4: Seattle Day 3


Yep, you’re on a boat in The Last of Us Part II—eventually. You have to open a gate to get going on the boat, but don’t be too hasty. There’s a room upstairs from the room with the gate, and inside that room is a corpse. (Don’t act surprised—I’m pretty sure there’s not a single room in this entire game that doesn’t have at least one corpse in it.) Search the corpse to find a safe code, 70-12-64. There’s no safe in the room, though, so you have to start exploring. Move a nearby cart to find a huge pile of debris. Crawl through that and you’ll find a cage near the gate, and inside that cage is a safe. And probably a corpse, I don’t remember. Drop down, enter the code, and get moving.

Boat Safe Code: 70-12-64

Chapter 6: Seattle Day 1

“The Big Win” Lottery Code

After the boat warehouse you’ll find a locked up trailer. Break the window to climb in; you’ll find a note mentioning a safe’s combination being the same as “the big win.” If you look at the bulletin board in the trailer, you’ll see that somebody hit it big in the lotto with 17-38-07. The safe isn’t in the trailer, though. It’s in a nearby building. Go through the building and when you get out you’ll find a crack in the walk nearby. Inside is a room you couldn’t get into from inside the building, and it’s where you can find the safe.

The Big Win Safe Code: 17-38-07

Jasmine Bakery

You know that mural? Take a left when you’re looking at it. The first business you’ll find is Jasmine Bakery. There’s a safe inside; you’ll have to break a window to get in. You have to go into a different business to find the code, though. Find the Ruby Dragon at the end of the block. Go in, go upstairs, and then get across to the building on the opposite side of the street. If you go to the room on the left you’ll find a note with the Jasmine Bakery safe code. Head on back up the street and take what’s yours.

Jasmine Bakery Safe Code: 68-96-89


Eventually you’ll find yourself back on a boat. Kill the zombies hanging out in there and then go for a nice stroll along the deck. You’ll see a hole in the wall, and like any hole you find in a game like this one, you need to go climbing through it. Inside is a safe, and here’s the combo.

Boat Safe Code: 90-77-01

Chapter 7: Seattle Day Two


Somebody’s into tabletop games! And also almost definitely dead or infected by this point. Their saving throw did not work out this time. Inside the apartment with the role-playing game set up on the table, back inside the bedroom, is a safe. Here’s the code. It’s that easy.

Apartment Safe Code: 30-23-04

Gym / WiFi Password

Find the gym near the pool. In a nearby closet you’ll find a safe whose code is the same as the gym’s WiFi password. You can find that info in the weightlifting room.

Gym Safe Code: 12-18-79

This isn’t the end of the game yet—there are a few more chapters to go—but it’s the last of the game’s safes. I hope this helps. Have fun realizing the senselessness and emptiness of an endless cycle of vengeance!

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