Umurangi Generation Developers Tease An Upcoming Horror Game

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Umurangi Generation Developers Tease An Upcoming Horror Game

The team behind the apocalyptic photography game Umurangi Generation have released a short trailer for their next project, FiveSeven. The teaser was tucked away in the middle of a YouTube video “3 Mysterious Horror Games” posted by ThorHighHeels, Umurangi’s composer.

The brief look at Origame Digital’s next title showcased a low-poly art style as a character named Reegan navigates an empty train. After picking up a pistol, the color palette changes to a foreboding red before the protagonist faces a shadowy figure that chases after them. A release date is not set, with the team designating it as “Comes When Done.”

A Reddit user first spotted the hidden teaser, and Umurangi Generation developer Naphtali Faulkner shared the post on Twitter. He stated its main inspirations will be games like Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and Resident Evil. He also said this isn’t an official announcement as much as a brief showcase, and that this sequence was inspired by trips on the Narita Express in Japan. Faulkner previously shared a few second clip of the game in 2021, which featured fixed camera angles in the style of older survival horror titles.

Originally released in 2020, Umurangi Generation follows a M?ori photographer as they take pictures of an UN-occupied Tauranga, New Zealand, amidst an alien invasion. It was one of the most powerful games of that year thanks to its striking art direction and trenchant commentary on colonialism, ecological destruction, and government failures during crises.

The full teaser for FiveSeven can be viewed below:

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