The Horrors of Midsommar Continue in Director's Cut, in Theaters This Weekend

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The Horrors of <i>Midsommar</i> Continue in Director's Cut, in Theaters This Weekend

If you want more from the mind of Hereditary director Ari Aster, you won’t have to wait for his next feature, as the unrated director’s cut of Midsommar will hit select theaters nationwide this Friday, Aug. 30.

Aster shook up a summer of live-action remakes and superhero films with Midsommar, a uniquely chilling horror film that unnerved viewers in every aspect, from the eerie flip of terror in broad daylight to its unnerving score. At 170 minutes, the director’s cut is 23 minutes longer than the original theatrical release.

The new cut premiered on Aug. 17 at Film at Lincoln Center’s Scary Movies Festival, with Aster telling reporters the theatrical version was more suitable for theaters with its “better pacing,” but calling this version “more complete.” It’s said the new cut doesn’t have any plot changes or alternate endings, but rather adds more grisly and intense scenes to the already-nightmarish film.

You can find the promo video for the director’s cut from A24 below and find a showing near you here. No word yet on whether the extended cut will see a home release.