Star Wars VIII Will Come Out a Day Early in the U.K.

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<i>Star Wars VIII</i> Will Come Out a Day Early in the U.K.

In an apparent effort to further strain relations between the U.S. and the U.K., Disney and Lucasfilm have announced British fans will get to see The Last Jedi a little earlier than everybody else. That’s right: Whereas dirty Americans will be forced to wait until Dec. 15 to witness the continuation of the saga, our U.K. cousins will get the film on Dec. 14.

Technically, this is the third recent Star Wars film to release in this way after both Episode VII and Rogue One were similarly released a day early on the British isles. And, besides, other countries like France, Italy, Norway, Sweden and The Netherlands will get the movie two days earlier than the U.S. on Dec. 13. Sure, they don’t have as many people, but it’s a dangerous game Disney is playing with global relations.

This information is important, both for diehard fans wishing to fly overseas for a chance to see the new film ahead of their fellow Americans and as a warning that spoilers will hit the internet a few days before the film is even available to watch. You’ve been warned. Now gird your loins and dig in for the long wait till December.

Find more info on Episode VIII here and check out the first trailer here.

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