Well, At Least One Guy Liked The Emoji Movie ... Sexually

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Well, At Least One Guy Liked <i>The Emoji Movie</i> ... Sexually

Virtually every critic, including Paste, pretty much despised the The Emoji Movie, but maybe the film just wasn’t for them. After all, beauty, art and entertainment all have something of a subjective quality to them. As they always say, one man’s garbage is another man’s erotic fantasy.

Wait, what?

During a recent New Jersey screening of The Emoji Movie, one viewer decided that he was vibing with the anthropomorphic emoticons so much—or alternatively, was just so bored—that he allegedly decided to stuff his hands down his pants to see what was going on, THR reluctantly reports.

Presumably deciding her brain couldn’t handle any more garish, neon colors, a nearby mother turned away from the screen only to notice the gentleman’s (well, man’s) carnal pursuits. She immediately alerted the theater staff, who threw the man out of the theater.

The police are investigating the incident. What sort of evidence they could possibly be sifting through is unclear, though it’s probably best not to think about it—which is also true of The Emoji Movie.