Adia Victoria Shares Powerful New Single "South Gotta Change"

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Adia Victoria Shares Powerful New Single "South Gotta Change"

Singer/songwriter Adia Victoria has returned with a stunningly crafted new single “South Gotta Change.”

Produced by T-Bone Burnett, “South Gotta Change” combines folk and rock influences to propel Victoria’s hopes for the future of the South. The song was inspired by the loss of Congressman John Lewis this year, as his messages and accomplishments were a guiding light to many.

Victoria said of the song:

“South Gotta Change” is a prayer, an affirmation, and a battle cry all at once. It is a promise to engage in the kind of “good trouble” John Lewis understood necessary to form a more perfect union. No other place embodies the American experiment with the precision of the South. It is home to both unspeakable horror and unshakable faith. It is up to us, those who are blessed enough to be Southern, to take up the mantle Brother Lewis left us. As the old saying goes, “As the South goes, so goes the nation.”

Listen to “South Gotta Change” below.