Anthony Green

Daytrotter Session - Dec 10, 2013

Anthony Green – Daytrotter Session – Dec 10, 2013
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Breaker
  3. Young Legs
  4. Shine
  5. Conversation Piece

A man’s circuits only allow for so much and then everything after that makes them quiver with delightful uncertainty. There’s a reason that lies and fiction are so tasty. They are lathered up with so many possible, yet implausible details, but then again, what’s the difference between that and the crazy shit that goes down every day. The strange happenings that we encounter daily — the various ways that lives get mixed right up or straighten themselves out — are beyond belief, but there they are, peeking in through the blinds, leaving voicemails and texts. There are many periods of time in a young man’s life where the options seem bottomless, where habits can be broken, where a new shine can be coated on an old story or onto some old bones with a moment’s notice. These are periods of time with an abundance of self-serving thoughts and decisions. Then something changes and not only aren’t they young men any longer, but they’ve suddenly built a family and all of the “HOLY SHIT!” aspects of that become exactly what they are — sweet little hugs around your calves and thighs, reminding you that you’ve done something good with your life. These little creatures can be results of questionable nights or of what you want them to be the result of. Either way they come to you, they bring the most incredible and profound reflection. You begin to think about youth differently. You begin to see youth differently. You begin to understand your own youth differently. Suddenly, you’re acutely aware that everything’s 10 times as complicated as you ever gave it credit for. The songs that Anthony Green sings here in his second Daytrotter session are dips into those thick fogs of recollection, reflection and everything that comes after, which only furthers the mysteriousness of it all.