Daytrotter Session - Feb 10, 2014

Ash – Daytrotter Session – Feb 10, 2014
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  1. Welcome To Daytrotter / Binary
  2. Return of the White Rabbit
  3. Shining Light

Ash, since I first heard “Jack Names The Planets” off of the “Angus” soundtrack as a high school sophomore, has always been a beacon of wonder and, to this day, the Irish band, led by singer Tim Wheeler, remains that way. Its songs are still wistful and playful. They still remind us that there’s a lot we don’t know and we’re only good for the connections that we make with other souls. They create a whole universe of lights that have been put here and put out — some of which can still be spied up there in the cosmos, but were actually extinguished millions of years before. They explore the wild and impossible to understand canvas of whatever land we’re moving through. We might as well lying, backs down, across the hood of an old beater of a car, staring up into the night sky and trying to predict the future, trying to determine if there’s any kind of a grid that everything goes by. Mostly, it all just looks like milk and coffee. Some days are darker and some days are darker and we just poke through the best we can, just as we did as high school sophomores, and just how we’ll do as senile old men.