Daily Dose: BATTS, “Overstayed Your Welcome”

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Daily Dose: BATTS, “Overstayed Your Welcome”

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BATTS, aka Melbourne’s Tanya Batt, is preparing to embark on The Grand Tour, her debut full-length album arriving this Friday, April 12, on Thaa Records. The singer/songwriter, who’s opening for Sharon Van Etten on the Australian leg of her summer tour, is a space fanatic, and The Grand Tour chronicles not only a personal journey, but also an interstellar one—and we’re not talking about that black hole business.

Sprinkled throughout the album are official sound samples taken from the Voyager 1 spacecraft, which, along with its sister vessel Voyager 2, have been scoping the edge of our solar system for more than 40 years. Batt brings the sounds back down to earth to soundtrack her own stories. ”[The Grand Tour is] the product of a lot of research, an incredible groundbreaking beautiful space mission, and getting to make music with my friends,” Batt says.

One particular sonic fragment, titled “Jupiter Jovian Chorus” and dated March 5, 1979, was provided to Batt by NASA and appears on the song “Overstayed Your Welcome,” which is premiering here at Paste. Listen to “Overstayed Your Welcome” below.

While the song begins with that otherworldly white noise lifted from the Voyager data, “Overstayed Your Welcome” recounts a story that hits closer to home. Batt describes it like this:

“Overstayed Your Welcome” sees two friends having had a long friendship from childhood through to adulthood but have moved in such different life directions they are no longer compatible. The seesaw of friendship is constantly weighted to one side and is negative and draining, so one of them has made the call to sever ties.

It’s a painful realization at which to arrive, but a necessary one for this protagonist. “I know you’re hurting, but I just can’t help,” Batt sings over fuzzy synths and soft electric guitar. “I know I said I’d be there / but I can’t relate to what you felt.” Even the blunt chorus sounds more assured than regretful: “It is time for you to go.”

The Grand Tour follows BATTS’ 2017 EP 62 Moons. Again, you can listen to “Overstayed Your Welcome” below. Keep scrolling for BATTS’ tour dates.

BATTS Tour Dates:

07 – Brisbane, QLD @ QPAC w/ Sharon Van Etten
11 – Melbourne, VIC @ Hamer Hall w/ Sharon Van Etten
13 – Adelaide, SA @ Grace Emily Hotel
22 – Sydney, NSW @ The Vanguard
28 – Melbourne, VIC @ Howler

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