Daytrotter Session - Nov 14, 2012

Bestfriends – Daytrotter Session – Nov 14, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. So Far Away
  3. Just Goodbye
  4. Lost In Your Bed
  5. Body Rock
  6. Hang With Me

Bestfriends are on the prowl. There will be no cock-blocking here. There is a mission. There is a point to these proceedings, as if there were going to be no more chances. Tonight is the night when it all goes down. It’s a night where everyone’s expected to lose all control, where there is to be only the kind of regret that you can live with, not the kind that you find that you’ll kick yourself for later. There needs to be an abandonment of all control, to just let it all hang out there.

Bestfriends, a young band from Chicago that is literally made up of life-long best friends, force the body and all of its odd movements to just overpower the brain and all logic. It hopes that you’ll forget all inhibitions entirely, to just throw a big middle finger to all of the hesitations and niggling hang-ups that lead us to so many of our disappointments. These songs are about not caring if you’re taking an attraction too far or not. They aren’t crass come-ons, but those that are born out of confidence and not being afraid to make desires known. They are about putting yourself out there in the game – out on the sweaty dance floor where an inadvertent rubbing or touch could lead to so many more things in private quarters that could make the bar’s cover charge worth every penny and then some.

These songs are about throwing it all at the wild moon and the bottomless, non-ruled night. They are about scribbling out of the lines and right off the page, going out of one comfort zone and into some erogenous zone that you’ve only heard tell about. Bestfriends sing about getting “lost in your bed tonight” as if they knew EXACTLY how to get lost in such a place.

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