Blue Skies for Black Hearts

Daytrotter Session - Jul 30, 2012

Blue Skies for Black Hearts – Daytrotter Session – Jul 30, 2012
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  1. The Sitch
  2. Deck Of Cards
  3. Fridays After Five
  4. Keep On Keepin’ On

It could just be that we’re missing it all. We’re missing all of the points. We’re just skirting by, nose to the grindstone and it’s all just going by us in a colorful, whooshing blur. It’s a streak of a melted blurring of all lights, sounds, people, places and bullshit. It’s all just heaped together like a glob of chewed up bubble gum, stuck to the bottom of a table. We’re chewed up too, but we have the unfortunate role of just sliding up to the table, reaching with our four fingers for the outer edge of the table to pull us in closer, only to have the pads of the fingers ooze into the cold, pink mess, repulsing us mostly, but not entirely surprising us. Birds have been flying over us and depositing for a long time and the little doggie bombs tend to find their ways into the grassy places that our shoes are bound to walk. We don’t get dumped on, but we are attracted to ungainly instances that require a gritting of teeth and a bursting expletive to shake off.

Blue Skies For Black Hearts make us think about the way that things have gotten to be and they sound like they’re the worst when we choose to make them that way. No one REALLY has to chain themselves to the grind. No One REALLY has to get themselves in too far over their heads so that they have to do the former. Lead singer, Pat Kearns sings, “Why do we work so hard and still fall so far behind?/Why do we kill ourselves/To live for Fridays after five?” It happens all the time, when folks take a step back and think that they’re re-evaluating what they’ve become and what they’ve given up, for what, for what, for what?

Their hair is falling out and their children have midnight curfews and they’re no happier, no better off than they were when they were barely 30, or barking up at 30. They’re paying the bills. They’ve got a mortgage or two and they’ve got little new to talk about. They’re the same old, same old and it’s boring just to mention it. There should be better things that could be done, when living their lives with God’s deck of cards.” Blue Skies For Black Hearts just make the observations, but they’re advocates – in their own power-poppy and chipper way – for mixing it all up a bit and doing something uncharacteristic to give a person more reasons for Friday nights, or just more Friday nights and thereby, fewer black hearts.

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