The Best Valentine’s Day Song Is Cam’s New Single, “Till There’s Nothing Left”

The firecracker country singer is back with a stunning new track—and an album due out in 2020

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The Best Valentine’s Day Song Is Cam’s New Single, “Till There’s Nothing Left”

Acclaimed country singer Cam has returned with her first bit of new music this year. She has shared a stunning new single, “Till There’s Nothing Left,” along with a delightfully dark and dangerous video, which you can watch below.

You may remember Cam from her boisterous 2017 single, “Diane,” which finds a sympathetic “other woman” making amends with her ex-lover’s wife. The song gained Cam (aka Camaron Marvel Ochs) notoriety in the country community, on music publications’ best-of-the-year lists and beyond, but her first album Untamed actually arrived in 2015. Her anticipated sophomore album is due out sometime this year.

“Till There’s Nothing Left,” however, looks at love from a different angle. Cam wrote it for her husband, and it’s about going all in on a relationship. “My husband and I will go drive and have a quickie in the back of the car,” she divulges. “Why am I embarrassed to sing about that? ‘Till There’s Nothing Left’ is a commitment. It’s saying—I am gonna love you with everything I have, physically, spiritually, I’m so in.” We’re so in, too.

Dano Cerney (The Chainsmokers, Elle King, Bishop Briggs) directed the song’s video, which briefly depicts one of those aforementioned car hookups, but with a twist: It’s the night of the apocalypse in Nashville, Tenn., and this pair of lovers aren’t wasting a single second that they have left. The smart, sensual song plays along as hurricanes and debris swarm around Nashville landmarks while saloon-dwellers (including a couple of gay cowboys, which is still a touchstone worth making a note of in country music, even in 2020) take their last breaths—and drinks.

Again, you can watch the disaster-themed music video for “Till There’s Nothing Left” below. You’ll find the single art further down.

“Till There’s Nothing Left” Single Art:


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