Icarus Himself

Daytrotter Session - May 31, 2012

Icarus Himself – Daytrotter Session – May 31, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Wake Up
  3. On Your Side
  4. MCO
  5. You Think You Know

Fuck those hearts that can never make up their minds. Then again, fuck those hearts that do make up their minds. Fuck the ones that are bound and determined to remain the way that they are, even in the face of adversity, or out of stubbornness and pride. Yes, it’s those hearts that should get what’s rightfully coming to them and that’s very little. They should get nothing but very suspicious looks and hesitant touches. Giving them nothing might be a little harsh, for they’re still hearts, after all, but they should be watched from further away than the distance that you’d normally be tempted to watch them from. We’re considering hearts tonight because of the guys in the Wisconsin band, Icarus Himself, who have written a song suite here – consciously and connected or not – that leads us to believe that most of these tickers are wily connivers. At times, like the situation in “On Your Side,” it seems that they’re given the benefit of the doubt, as lead singer, Nick Whetro, sings:

“I’ve found it hard to think of past times.
I’ve stop trying now because you’re on my side
you’re on my side
I’ve seen your heart.
There’s no need to hide.
I’ll give you time, because I’m on your side.”

It’s a heart that’s decided to remain walled up, though its cloak is partially see-through by the right people, only temporarily, then it goes right back to that stiff lip and gauzy gaze. It’s only when the walls cave in that the fear leaves – tragedy creating a softer form. Then you have the kind of heart seen elsewhere in this collection – a heart that’s mistaken, that’s working against itself without even knowing it. It’s a heart that bears more of a resemblance to a riddle or a dirty joke, one that will always get doubled-over, as a punchline. Whetro can spot these in a person too, singing, “You think your heart’s made of gold.” The only way to follow that observation is with a healthy and confident, “Well, it’s not. It’s made of manure.”

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