Jacuzzi Boys

Daytrotter Session - Jan 20, 2012

Jacuzzi Boys – Daytrotter Session – Jan 20, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Automatic Jail
  3. Glazin’
  4. Crush

There is no good reason for the seasons, according to Miami, Florida, band Jacuzzi Boys. They could take four summers and keep on swimming. They’d survive better in a place where there’s no shelter from the insistent sunshine and cleavage. Living somewhere where the babes are never encouraged to or forced to cover anything up with layers is where they were meant to be. They have the kinds of eyes and hearts that crush an awful lot. Lead singer Gabriel Alcala, drummer Diego Monasterios and bassist Danny Gonzalez are suckers for the saccharine moments of instant bliss, when “The Rain, The Park and Other Things” by the Cowsills starts playing. The very that the Jacuzzi Boys would hear in their heads would be an updated version that would include some variations that would make it more likely to be played as the credits roll at the end of an episode of “Entourage,” as the boys roll off, back toward Malibu. While scratching out songs that you might expect to find dumpster diving, or at the end of a dark alley, these scruffy and grungy tunes feature the laments of a trio of young men pining and pining for those pretty skater and surfer girls to take a shine to them. It’s hard to miss the sentiments of cinematic love – the rain coming down on heads, flowers in the hair, blinding smiles and feeling like lightning just struck. They dirty it up, but it’s there, these classic dreams of having that one girl suddenly know that you exist and, in another flash, think to herself, “Oh, he’s kinda interesting. I wonder what he’s all about.” It’s that opening that they’re looking for and Alcala sings about such a fortuitous introduction on the song “Glazin'” when he sings, “Sugar in my hair/Meltin’ everywhere in the sunshine/Watch the sun go down/While my face starts to crystallize/You could be the one who makes me feel alright/Take me anywhere, take me anywhere/I wanna be your guy.” Their debut album, also “Glazin’,” makes them sound like the kinds of guys who – if you ran with them – they’d increase your odds of smacking into those cute girls that you just can’t get out of your head. They make sure that their garage fantasies are able to sustain themselves outside of the garage, specifically on the beach, anywhere that has the roar of an ocean in the background and the glorious aroma of citrus and vodka fluttering in the air.

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