Jamiroquai – Dynamite

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Jamiroquai – Dynamite

The U.K. floor-filler stages a comeback, without much on its mind

Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay first attracted notice in the early ’90s as a gimmicky club kid who copped Stevie Wonder’s every vocal inflection with equal parts unctuousness and earnestness. Now, Jamiroquai returns after a four-year absence with its sixth album, Dynamite, an assortment of hedonistic dance-funk jams that smartly scale back the eco-lectures and Wonder imitations of discs past. Aside from the obligatory Bush-basher (“World That He Wants”) and the occasional controversial statement in favor of the world’s salvation (“Starchild”), Kay keeps his mind on the mindless here, in the process crafting an efficient and insistent hunk of modestly effective dance-floor candy.

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