Jarvis Cocker

Daytrotter Session - Jun 13, 2007

Jarvis Cocker – Daytrotter Session – Jun 13, 2007
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Jarvis Cocker is sly. He’s always been. In a song on his solo debut Jarvis, the former Pulp front man talks about raising bunny rabbits, making a habit of drinking a bottle of wine while looking at naked girls on the online, but warming that you should never trust the “I” in the song because “given half the chance” he’d kill again. There’s tenderness and Elvis Costello-like companionship all over Jarvis. There’s also a second side of all his swords. His proper baritone sounds like a formality, a hollowed out tree trunk meant for addressing a teatime crowd. There’s love and frankness – as well as the sly – on the record and he mostly brings the father with him in these readings – three in all – that originally and briefly appeared on his JarvSpace in 2006. They now once again have a permanent home, thanks to World’s Fair Records. With this Icelandic Folk Tale – a piece about a boy and a cow with magical tail hairs capable of creating roaring rivers, mountains and fires – Cocker helps us kick off a brand new segment that we think is going to be a hoot.

“Jarvis Cocker MySpace Page”:http://www/myspace.com/jarvspace
“World’s Fair Records”:http://www.worlds-fair.net
“Rough Trade Records”:http://www.roughtrade.com

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