Kimya Dawson

Daytrotter Session - Oct 31, 2012

Kimya Dawson – Daytrotter Session – Oct 31, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Sunbeams and Some Beans
  3. The Beer
  4. Year 10
  5. Zero or a Zillion
  6. The Mare And The Bear

You’ve come a long, long way and you deserve to be happy, Kimya Dawson sings on the dysfunctional song, “The Beer.” It’s where we start because it’s where she brings most ends.

With Dawson, you have the mother freak-folker of the modern era. The mommy, who proclaims herself still to be more DIY than anything, even with her mini-van (which, when she’s loading it, some days, she feels like the act is a form of emoting), is a fountain of information, telling us more about herself in four or five minutes than is actually possible to learn about another person, even under scrutiny or a direct line of questioning. She gives us all of the juicy details that we never would have thought to ask and we think that this is all healthy. It’s healthy for her – the woman with the addictive personality — and it’s healthy for us to hear someone unloading so freely, so unfiltered. It’s an outpouring of positively charged sentiments that were spurred on by negative vibes or witnessing people being mean or rude to one another for no good reason. Dawson has a keen sense for that which just feels wrong, for that which doesn’t allow someone she cares about to feel the maximum amount of the warm fuzzies about who they are, or about who they want to be.

She is a champion for the weirdos and the freaks. She’s for the individuals who just want to be happy, any way they possibly can. They’re not trying to start a riot or cause any harm to anyone else. They just want happiness. Dawson insists that all of the weirdos, the freaks, and every other peaceful soul deserves this. There’s the friend that she sings about on this session who isn’t famous, but he grows his own food and, if you were to come to visit him – stranger or friend, he would try to feed you. Dawson correctly insists that this makes him famous. Or, he should be famous for having such a kind heart. These are the people that she fills her world with and she can’t help but want to tell everyone about them, along with painstakingly enumerating all of the shit that doesn’t belong in a harmonious world. She feels that if she does this, she and her loved ones have a better chance of more happiness.

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