Listen to Maggie Rogers’ New Rostam-Produced Song “Fallingwater”

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Listen to Maggie Rogers’ New Rostam-Produced Song “Fallingwater”

When Maggie Rogers stunned the music world in 2016 with her Pharrell-endorsed pop single “Alaska,” she was “walking through icy streams … moving slowly through westward water.” She came back on Wednesday night with her first new piece of music since last year, and, this time, she’s the creek.

On her new track “Fallingwater,” produced by both Rogers and former Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmanglij, she sings in streams of pure pop perfection, “I fought the current running just the way you would / And now I’m in the creek / And it’s getting harder / I’m like Fallingwater.” If “Alaska” was, for Rogers, a declaration of harmony with the natural world and that which she cannot control, “Fallingwater” feels like its opposite. Rogers admits to feeling stuck in, rather than symbiotic with, her environment, but she nonetheless stands her ground.

“Fallingwater” gushes with the same natural imagery employed by Rogers on “Alaska,” her folk-pop masterpiece, but this time she throws in a hearty dose of beat-backed keys, something that sounds a bit like accelerated Adele. But Maggie Rogers isn’t to be compared with any other soloists—her woodsy version of pop is singular. Fans of Rostam, who has also worked with Haim, will also recognize his imprint on the song, evident mostly in an array of calculated beats. You can listen to “Fallingwater” below.

Rogers also shared a letter on social media detailing the meaning behind her new track. You can read that below, too. It was recently announced that Rogers will join Haim on the second leg of their Sister Sister Sister tour; more about that here.

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