Main Attrakionz

Daytrotter Session - Nov 2, 2011

Main Attrakionz – Daytrotter Session – Nov 2, 2011
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Bossalinis and Fooleones
  3. Freestyle
  4. Diamond of God
  5. Perfect Skies

It’s hard telling where Main Attrakionz would rather be. When you listen to the Oakland duo, you hear in their words a bit of a confliction. You have songs that toggle between some serious, thick-book-leaning, heads full of worry and skies full of pies thinking and then you have them reminding us that they’re just behaving for the moment and as soon as they’re done with this, with us here, they’re going to get fucked up. It’s their little treat and they’ve earned it. Within the structure of the group’s philosophy is a collision between deep existentialism and the street, poverty mentality that nothing’s going to change or get better for them anytime soon so they might as well at least have a good night tonight, whatever night it is, and they might as well blow their money on flashy shit they don’t need. If it’s Monday or Thursday or Saturday, who gives a shit, there should be tons of shitty beer and good weed to go around. There should be gratuitous sex at the end of the night to cap everything off, enough of a distraction and a cushion from all the bullshit that they have to put up with during the workday or whatever passes as one. It’s a message to or rather from those who find there to be too much to deal with, too many bummers.

Squadda B and MondreM.A.N. of Main Attrakionz create a dialogue that’s delinquent, but not that much. You get the feeling that they really like getting high and drunk as much as time will allow, but it’s not the motivation, as it is a lot of times with people who regularly get high and drunk. It is not the end all. It is something altogether a bit different for these two, it seems. Even when they’re saying, “We’re live. And after this booth, gonna hit that liquor store. Gotta sip some more. Gotta sip some more,” it’s that blocker kicking in. It’s the default button going where it wants to go. What we’d offer is that, given the choice, they’d like to talk some more, bang out some more of the thoughts that have been nagging them at their very cores. They’re stargazers, at heart, marveling at the difficulty, complexity and still further, the sparkling simplicity of it all. “Perfect Skies,” a song that appears here in this session, is a departure and gives a closer look to the sentimentality that they share, which might be fueling why they do any of this in the first place. They ask the whys a lot and they miss the folks that they’ve lost to whatever the circumstances – all of those people that they can’t smoke with anymore is the touching way that they put it in verse – and it comes out as those interesting inner struggles that usually stay clammed up inside, appearing in sad eyes and slurred speech.

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