My Jerusalem

Daytrotter Session - Jan 21, 2014

My Jerusalem – Daytrotter Session – Jan 21, 2014
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Death Valley
  3. Born In The Belly
  4. Shatter Together
  5. Between Space

Very early into this new session by Texas band My Jerusalem, we hear about the creatures of the night crawling all over the town. The creatures, we fear, are human beings. They can be the worst kind of creature. They have no limits to their depravity, to the things that their desperation will make them do. They treat others like dogs, with little compassion when there’s no reward for them to behave otherwise. They take their black and blue days with a snarl and a sneer and they find themselves having a hard time just behaving decently most of the time. My Jerusalem takes us out in to a driving acid rain, where we start to see our skin eat away, getting down to the bone, into the blood and that hidden, tender meat that just might hold the secrets to why we behave so.

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