Ohtis Shares Video for New Single "Schatze," Featuring Stef Chura

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Ohtis Shares Video for New Single "Schatze," Featuring Stef Chura

Illinois trio Ohtis shared a new single, “Schatze,” today for Saddle Creek’s Document series. The song follows the band’s 2019 debut album Curve of Earth.

“Schatze” poses as an argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend, with singer Stef Chura joining for back-and-forth vocals with singer/songwriter Sam Swimson. The vertical music video depicts the fight playing out via text as the band’s constant messages interrupt a meditation app.

The single, a playful but honest look into one’s flaws, actually draws its name from a friend’s cat with its own behavioral issues. “He has put Gerald’s wife Teri in the hospital, and fucked me up badly more than once because I had refused to admit there was a cat alive whose heart I could not win,” Swimson says. “Turns out Schatze is such a cat.”

Watch the video below, and preorder the single on seven-inch vinyl here. Scroll further to listen to Ohtis’ 2012 Daytrotter performance of “Hollow Body.”