One For The Team

Daytrotter Session - Jun 29, 2012

One For The Team – Daytrotter Session – Jun 29, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Hard For You
  3. Garden
  4. Ancient

It’s never a race to find love. It shouldn’t be, but there might be a race to figure it out a little better, to gain insight. Minnesota band One For The Team lumps these two sentiments together somewhat, making the whole process and the vetting of the particulars feel like a drag race, with a muffler that’s dragging off the concrete, kicking up all kinds of orange and white sparks – excess passion that could kick off a blaze.

Ian Anderson and Grace Fiddler, the co-lead singers of the group, lead us into these wild fires and they make it clear that most everyone’s out in the flames, fumbling around, acknowledging that they’re making mistakes left and right, getting involved with the wrong lovers, and still, the convenience and the immediacy take the wheel most of the time. They persist with a lead foot on the pulse of these matters, allowing us to feel everything beating on us like a hot summer sun, cooking our skin darker and more tender.

It’s this tenderizing, which comes from an onslaught of synthesizers and harmonizing vocals, that feels like the place where we come out at the end of the excursion. It’s there where we’re able to see the follies of wanting and being wanted – rightly and wrongly. It’s there where the results of the beating sun either turn the skin color into a tan or a peel and a blister. Love settles for the same situation, in the hands of this band.

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