Plume Giant

Daytrotter Session - Oct 24, 2012

Plume Giant – Daytrotter Session – Oct 24, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. November
  3. Out To Sea
  4. B-Side Baby
  5. Old Joe The Crow

Most of the time, getting through a day can feel like suffering through a day, where you’re getting barked at, you’re on someone else’s clock and there’s that crowded subway train ride home, to a meager refrigerator and a dinky apartment that never greets you at the door. You’re just getting acted upon, but then there’s something like the sun-kissed, casual abyss that Brooklyn-based, Ivy League-bred band Plume Giant (made up of multi-instrumentalists Nolan Green, Eliza Bagg and Oliver Hill) sings about. It sounds lovely and it sounds like it could pop into any kind of bleak day and partially rescue it from the sharp teeth of mundane existence.

It’s incredible how quickly some things can feel like they’re turning, like they’re getting somewhere a little more palatable. The situation that arises in, “Out To Sea,” a new song that the band is debuting a recorded version of in this session, seems like it deals with an unplanned happiness, or a relationship that could be headed in a good direction. It feels like two people have gone out for a dinner – nothing too fancy, nothing too meaningless – and found themselves suddenly, curiously interested. There were no expectations. It was just one of those nights that surprised the hell out of everyone and everything felt like it was changing, rapidly. They’re going out dancing on a “school night,” but as Nolan Green sings, “You’re a working girl/That don’t matter now cause summer’s on our side.”

There are no strings and no setups, just this random interest to see where any of this is going to lead. The people are cautious about getting too excited, but the hell if it doesn’t feel right. It feels like something that might have some resiliency and it all came about on a dead-end night just as most of them begin.

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