Run River North

Daytrotter Session - Apr 8, 2014

Run River North – Daytrotter Session – Apr 8, 2014
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  1. Monsters Calling Home
  2. Run River Run
  3. Beetle
  4. Lying Beast

The hardest thing for anyone to figure out is what they’re missing. Playing into this are the many threads of miscellaneous wanting or need that lead us to water or to fire or out into the sun because those are the only elements we find that we can place specific qualities to. We know that water, fire and sunshine affect us in pleasing ways. We know where to find them, or how to make it, and we slide in next to them when we get foggy. We go out for a walk in the woods when everything feels like it’s closing in around us. We work in our garden, not just when the weeds are starting to take over, but more when our hands are too clean or we’re feeling our movements and behavior coming less naturally. We lie down in the grass or on a lawn chair and spread ourselves out flat as a landing strip when we think some golden rays might help us with some vitamin deficiencies. California band Run River North get us to thinking about needs and what they lead us to, or where they lead us. There’s that true north that governs all of us, if we’re lucky — that safe home — where things feel nurturing and solid. Run River North songs take us down the paths that we’ve made well-worn. They’re our own. We made them. They were started for us, but we staked them out for ourselves.

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