Seth Glier

Daytrotter Session - Oct 27, 2017

Seth Glier – Daytrotter Session – Oct 27, 2017
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Water On Fire
  3. Birds
  4. Like I Do
  5. Sunshine

The music of Seth Glier veers towards being indefinable. He comes out of the gate with a gritty blues-rock song filled to the brim with political angst. “Water on Fire” is a song that investigates our relationship with nature through the lens of fracking. He then moves on to some piano ballads that recall the soft and reassuring voice of Sufjan Stevens, and sings about his daily conversations with birds outside his window—something that affects him so deeply he wrote a whole album around those interactions. The songs he plays in this session are not conventionally arranged; a man in the back moves between harmonica, recorder, and saxophone, each instrument allowing a completely different mood to the songs as he changes. The bassist switches between plucked strings and bowed strings to follow the mood of the song down whatever hallway it takes. Already underway with an impressive and expansive career that includes a Grammy nomination, Seth Glier is a musician for musicians, or for anyone who wants to tap into the bigger picture around them.

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