Single Mothers

Daytrotter Session - Sep 14, 2012

Single Mothers – Daytrotter Session – Sep 14, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Baby
  3. Overdose
  4. Nice Dresses
  5. Winter Coats

The moments in life that root themselves into the sort of permanency that never shakes loose, often aren’t what you’d suspect they’d be. The times that will make you rabid, foaming at the mouth, sometimes begin as tiny conversations or the lightest flashes of time, then they bubble and build and suddenly you’ve got a tempest on your hands, something that no amount of water is going to squelch. Then, there are people, who find that they can’t get out of bed and walk a foot without stepping into a cloud of problems, like a swarm of shit-eating flies or summer bugs attracted to body heat and perspiration. The people in London, Ontario, band Single Mothers’ songs can’t BE-fuckin’-LIEVE the things that are happening to them. They can’t believe how they keep running into more and more people who seem lovely for a while and then become the worst kinds of nuisances. From what we can gather, this nuisance can be summed up as a body unwilling to let a cool thing be, unwilling to just coast by making out and having casual sex and not just wanting to keep things going the way they’ve been going – without too many strings attached, without a whole new set of expectations and responsibilities to wrestle with. These girls are unable to just let it ride. There’s this one girl who, “Says she wants to be friends/But I’m not into it/Says she wants to be friends/But I’m over it.” This sets off a flurry of agitation. It gets intense and we tend to think that that was that. It ended and was run away from, abandoned on the side of the road, for dead. Then, there’s this other girl who’s described thusly, “Yeah, she kissed the way good songs are sung.” It sounds like this one’s gonna be around for a little while at least. The plug won’t be pulled just yet, but there’s nothing that would suggest that she’s going to keep kissing “the way good songs are sung.” That’s too much of a dream scenario for a Single Mothers song. There’s another girl who wants to have a baby and we knew how that one was going to turn out before the word ever even had a chance to hang in the air. The last girl that we’ll single out is one of those to be determined, but we have a good idea where she’s headed. They’re having beers together and as the story goes, “She had the first one and then got all religious on me.” Next stop the curb and another disgusted fling with the night and what it wrought. While they go away, or are tossed, they never really go anywhere.

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