Ski Lodge

Daytrotter Session - Jun 25, 2013

Ski Lodge – Daytrotter Session – Jun 25, 2013
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. I Would Die To Be
  3. Just To Be Like You
  4. Anything To Hurt You
  5. Boy
  6. Looking For A Change

With Ski Lodge, we feel the splash and mist of water landing on our skin through everything. It hits with a cool touch just before blending in with our body temperature and getting introduced to all of the other parts of us – those that are so similar to the same ones experienced by the people in these songs. There are concerns about how much sun we’re getting – if we should get into some shade sometime soon. There are concerns about how much we actually know versus how much we really do know.

We worry about the ways that we carry ourselves when no one or many people are looking. We’re worried about how we’re affecting other people near us – whether we’re blocking their view, whether we should have showered, whether our good intentions have been misconstrued, whether we’re just not as good to them as we thought we had been, whether we ruined them or made them feel less than great. These stray and jangling waves form a kind of breathy worry, as if we’ll never get away from the undulating waters that can be so refreshing, or kill us.

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