Hear The 5 Original Beach Boys Present Their Surf Hits on This Day in 1979

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Hear The 5 Original Beach Boys Present Their Surf Hits on This Day in 1979

There’s no time like the cusp of summer to revisit a vintage Beach Boys concert.

This particular exposition sees the band in their original lineup (Mike Love, Al Jardine and Brian, Carl and Dennis Wilson), one of the last times they appeared as such. Recorded on this day (May 14) in 1979, this New York show is plucked from the band’s final tour featuring its core five members. Bruce Johnston, the vocalist and multi-instrumentalist brought in to replace Brian after he took leave for mental health issues in the 1960s, also joins the fold.

Brian was still recovering at this point, so he’s only featured on a few songs here. Nevertheless, this concert still feels like classic Beach Boys. Edging legacy status but not quite yet out of their heyday, The Beach Boys sound as spritely as ever performing a range of their surf hits, including Pet Sounds-era favorites like “Good Vibrations” and “God Only Knows.” It’s easy to enjoy yourself while swaying to the likes of “Barbara Ann” and “Fun, Fun, Fun.” The set also includes a few covers, including Buddy Holly’s “Peggy Sue” and Billy Preston’s “You Are So Beautiful.”

So find a sunny patch of grass, pour yourself an Aperol spritz (or more internet-friendly springtime beverage) and soak up this 1979 Beach Boys concert, courtesy of the Paste vault below.

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