The Depreciation Guild

Daytrotter Session - Aug 24, 2010

The Depreciation Guild – Daytrotter Session – Aug 24, 2010
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  1. Trace
  2. Dream About Me

We get a adrift so casually when it comes to digging into a Depreciation Guild song, feeling like we’ve been injected with an unlimited number of woozy reflectors and itinerant lights, zipping here and there like skeptical hummingbirds. We move right into a dreaminess that it usually takes most people hours and hours, not to mention some amounts of pills and booze, to achieve. We’re immersed in – like the gluttons that we’re willing to be – the deep end of a pool of softcore sexiness, where there’s endless possibility and everyone/everything is sending out the look to attract others to get closer. There are pheromones firing off and this natural blaze of attraction and sleepiness that is often somewhat the same thing. It’s this ability to make wanting seem like aloofness, like some kind of can-live-without-it take on a necessity. The people who come and go in the songs of this Brooklyn, New York, band are sort of like the people that we think about years later – those who caught our attention from afar, who we made a half-assed pass at, who did the same to us, who we’ve not thought about in years and years, who haven’t thought of us in years and years, but there was without a doubt some form of a physical attraction and connection, just one that didn’t take. “Dream About Me,” from the band’s latest album, “Spirit Youth” on Kanine Records, is a dip into those frigid waters of abandonment, when we give up tend to give up our heart’s safety in hopes that someone will dream about us the way that we’ve begun uncontrollably dreaming about them. It’s one way to read it. There’s no telling how anyone gets by in a situation such as this one, when all that’s being accomplished is the dreaming – all that dreaming. There’s so little physical to touch, so little tangible to hold onto and yet, it’s all part of the mystical wobbliness of the predicament. It brings upon the persons, these hallucinations (which are handsomely built into the wiring of these Depreciation Guild songs – lilting and, dare we repeat ourselves, dreamy) that clutch us and make us drunk of hypothetical responses and actions.  Guitarist/vocalist Kurt Feldman, guitarist/vocalist Christoph Hochheim, drummer Anton Hochheim and bassist/synth man Raphael Radna make sure that these hallucinations and these dreams speak fluently, giving off the illusion that some parts of the haze are believable and reachable. The heart just may have some of the solutions needed to get through these thoughts, to make them real.

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