The Dig

Daytrotter Session - May 24, 2012

The Dig – Daytrotter Session – May 24, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Animal Screams
  3. Black Water
  4. Hole In My Heart
  5. I Already Forgot Everything You Said

Nearly every song title on The Dig’s newest record, “Midnight Flowers,” carries with it the same intriguing sentiment – one that speaks of a light that is burning out and coming from a place that really cannot afford to lose the light or the warmth that it brings. There are allusions to all things tender getting roughed and calloused up. While still able to feel the dominant sensation of there being an incredible amount of uphill climbing that needs to be done, or an incredible amount of compromise to affect the conflicts that are at play. First, there are flowers at midnight. It’s a pretty rare sight to see. There are red roses growing out of cold, winter ground. There are glass horses and black water. There are animal screams and white noise under a draft of puffy clouds.

“I Already Forgot Everything You Said,” is a song that might have been the first song written out of this collection, the focal point for the rest of the ideas, an anchor of sorts. It comes from the perspective of a jilted lover, so hurt that they’ve just decided to let it all wash away.

There will be no keepsakes, no mementos of the time spent together, just a great white-washing and a clearing out. While some people might claim that such a thing is therapeutic, it just couldn’t be. Even here, with a sun-dried breeze propping everything up, it’s all just a ruse. It’s just something bloody and painful that’s being tossed into the garbage. The garbage might go out, but the place where the blood spilled from isn’t on just a regular schedule. It’s going to hurt for a good long while – through many midnights and cold winters.

The Daytrotter Dream Interview below features questions both created and answered by the band itself. You will learn about things. Here begins the interview:
Mark Demiglio – Drums
Q: Is it awkward being the only member of The Dig without hair?
A: Not at all. It’s given me the opportunity to take on the roll of mascot as well as drummer. Plus, the ladies love it.

Emile Mosseri – Bass, Vocals
Q: Out of all the celebrities you hang out with, who is the most fun?
A: Ahh, thats a tough one, I’d have to go with Whoopie Goldberg.

David Baldwin – Guitar, Vocals
Q: If you could create the ultimate musical artist by combining the hair of one famous musician, the face of another, and the body of a third, what combination would you chose?
A: I would have to go with Courtney Love’s hair, James Brown’s face, Iggy Pop’s body

Erick Eiser – Keyboards, Guitar
Q. So what does your van smell like at the end of tour?
A. Like someone drizzled gasoline all of the seats mixed with cigarettes and rotting mcdonalds cheese burgers. Any single ladies need a ride?