The Echocentrics

Daytrotter Session - Oct 30, 2011

The Echocentrics – Daytrotter Session – Oct 30, 2011
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  1. Esclavo Y Amo
  2. It’s Not Too Late
  3. Mundo Pequeno
  4. Jardim

The moment an Echocentrics song pops on, you start to shed layers of clothing. You wonder if someone’s not just turned the thermostat up, but cranked it well past an appropriate level. It starts to roast. You can feel the blood in your body cook. It’s running twice as red as it ever does. It doesn’t hit you right away why any of this is happening, but Natalia Clavier’s sultry voice could make anyone overheat. It’s steamy and wickedly suggestive, supporting thoughts of passion and just letting yourself feel the things that it wants to feel. They are love scenes played out continuously – the kinds of love scenes that pop up in PG-13 movies, the kinds that are still shown on network television and basic cable and you’re forced to throw a hand over the eyes of impressionable children who are interested in the proceedings, but can’t quite figure out what those two people are doing and they’ve got a lot of questions. Echocentrics, a group started by Grupo Fantasma’s Adrian Quesada, gets into a smoky and pleasantly seductive groove in a hurry and it just stays there, building and then playing the moment. The moment is one of good and healthy love. Some of it is the lustier foreplay, but the music makes us think of the beauty in a spontaneous and consensual rendezvous between two people who just can’t keep their hands and other parts off the other. The songs on “Sunshadows” are expressive and romantic. There are some mentions of playing the game of love, of getting what you want, but the most thrilling and hottest points on the record are those that feel as if you’re listening to those times when sex is being had because of love instead of just random attractiveness and opportunity intervening to create an intoxicated night of bedroom adventures. There’s nothing wrong with that either, but Echocentrics speaks to those who are hot and bothered and are planning on leaving the lamp on after the love-making to read the new Jeffrey Eugenides book or the Steve Jobs biography before they check in for the night – the perfect evening completed.

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