The Everyday Visuals

Daytrotter Session - Apr 21, 2009

The Everyday Visuals – Daytrotter Session – Apr 21, 2009
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Boom! Boom! Boom!
  3. Dance and Holler (with intro)
  4. Daydream Ghosts
  5. Sloop John B

The first words that Christopher Pappas sings on his band The Everyday Visuals’ last album, Things Will Look Up, are, “There’s something bout the way you shake your hips – it’s like poetry,” and from that point on, we’re hearing about that poetry, that very same poetry, in numerous fashions, many different talking points that are constructs of couplets and graceful imagery. The poetry is the creamy center of all that interests this Boston, Massachusetts, band throughout its gray-skied, wet-eyed actions. There’s an undeniable intent to treat the minutiae of all the sweet cheeks, cute bangs, tender hearts and comely touches with a kind of rosiness, with all of the heightened appreciation one would give to a treasure that burns a light through one’s eyes. The sounds that they’re making as a score to these feelings are ones that take an afternoon – one of great likeability – and then lets it just get a little softer, lets it take on a sudden, but casually falling rain. It lets the day go ahead and take a bath, to rid the grounds of any caked up grime, to give the animals and people reason to take cover and stay indoors for some time, to hear themselves think again, as it sometimes needs to be. It’s a sound that’s as invested in the way the greens in the trees and the new blossoms pop out even stronger once the stormy skies have evaporated away into the forgotten past as it is in the needed showers that are tasked to bring that all out. The Everyday Visuals are hooked on the simplicity of emotions and the directions that those emotions tend to take a person when they start feeling their tingles. They’re hooked on the very basic ways that certain ladies make them straighten their posture on first look and turn them into compliment factories or miserable hopefuls, whichever it might be with that particular lady on that particular day. The music gazes at the stars and the darkness and doesn’t know exactly what to make of it other than it’s glad to have it to look upon. These girls that make things difficult, these examples of life getting crooked or ornery – not to mention fundamentally unpredictable, these stark and abysmal trappings to everything from the cheerful to the bottomed out are the seeds that group’s founded planted inside them, taking roots and accepting nourishment.